1. The organizer of the initiative „The Living Crown of Mary (the „Initiative”) is the Order of St. Paul the First Hermit (the „Organizer”) located at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, 654 Ferry Rd., Doylestown PA 18901.
  2. The initiative consists of sending photographs by the participants in paper and electronic format, which will be used by the Organizer in the preparation of an image, a mosaic of Our Lady of Czestochowa (the „Image”) created from photos. The Organizer implies for the use of multiple photos to create the Image. The Organizer does not guarantee any participant that his submitted photograph will be used to create the Image.
  3. Conditions of participation:
    1. Only photographs of which the participant is the author or has the necessary copyrights to use them can be submitted.
    2. Submitting the picture is equivalent with declaring by the participant that he has all the necessary copyrights to use the photograph, including in particular the permission to use the image of the person/persons included in the photograph. A provided Photo Release From form should be submitted along with the picture.
    3. It is forbidden for the pictures to include any content that violates decency, applicable laws or rights of third parties, including personal interests. In particular, it is prohibited to use photographs which contents are: vulgar, racist, sexual, violent or offending religious feelings.
    4. Each submitted photograph is subject to a preliminary verification of the Organizer (moderation) in terms of its formal correctness and compliance with applicable legislation, good practice and the provisions of the Terms & Conditions. After verification the Organizer decides whether to exclude or include photograph in creating the Image. The decisions made by the Organizer in this regard are final.
    5. The Organizer has the right to change the duration of the Initiative, to cancel it or to suspend it for any reason. Information about changing the duration of the Initiative, cancellation or termination will be posted on the website www.livingcrownofmary.com and will be available at the Organizer’s Office at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa or by Organizer’s telephone 215-345-0600.
  4. Accountability:
    1. The participant who submitted the photo, is solely responsible for the violation of the copyright, personal rights and other rights of third parties in terms of the use of the photograph by the Organizer. The participant agrees to recompense all costs to the Organizer, which the Organizer will be required to pay because of the violation of the listed above rights as a result of submitting photographs by the Participant which violate these rights.
    2. The Organizer is not accountable for the content of the photographs.
  5. In case of cancellation of the Initiative, all the pictures already submitted will be immediately destroyed by the Organizer.
  6. The photographs that for some reason will not be used in creating the Image will be immediately destroyed by the Organizer, without the need to notify the Participant.