Any Questions?

1.What is the latest date that the photos can be submitted?

The final date has not been set up yet, but it would be best to submit your photo before summer or during early summer time.

The final date will be announced on our website.

2. How can I send my photo?

You can submitt your photo in two ways:

1. You can upload it on your computer through our website or using your smarthphone

2. You can bring it personally or mail it to the Shrine office.


3.  What will happen with my photograph when project will be done?

The photographs will be scanned and they will be used to create electronically the Mosaic of Our Lady of Czestochowa. The Mosaic will then be printed and displayed at the Shrine.

4. What is a spiritual gift?

Spiritual gift is a way of deepening  your relationship with the Blessed Mother.  You can offer to Her anything you would like: any prayer, resolution or spiritual practice.

Find something for yourself  –  something that you can offer to Mary.

5. I have already submitted my photo. When I will recieve the image of Our Lady  of Czestochowa?

 We will recieve the Images of Our Lady of Czestochowa from the Jasna Gora Shrine in Poland, so we will be sending them to you probably during spring.

6. Can I send more than one photo?

 Yes of course. In order to create the mosaic we need a lot of pictures so you can send as many as you would like to. The more the better!

7. When will the Mosaic of Our Lady of Czestochowa be ready?

The final date has not been set up yet. We are still waiting for your photos!

8. I would like to send some donation to support this project. How can I do this?

We really appreciate any donation made to the Shrine or the Living Crown of Mary project. If you are interested to make donation please contact our Shrine office at 215-345-0600

9. I’m from outside the country. Can I take part in this project?

Yes, of course. We are happy to welcome anyone who wishes to participate.

10. If I sent my photo after September  24 it will be used in Mosaic?

All images sent after August 24 will not be used in Mosaic. Moreover, we will use all images in our Visitor Center building. Please check our Visitor Center Hall.

11. How to find yourself in Mosaic?

Please click on this link:

There you can find your photo by using our zoom in/out program.

12. If someone sent his photo by mail, it will be used in Mosaic?

Yes, there were 3 ways of collecting photos from people: mail, electronic format, and personal. The Mosaic contains photographs that were sent all these ways.